What do we do?

ChatBox provides in-home speech pathology services to 150+ suburbs in Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich. As well as clinics in Nundah and Ashgrove. We help children and adults with speech, language, literacy, social skills and eating. We’re known for our dedication to quality service and quality outcomes.

Articulation & Apraxia

Articulation errors (mispronounced sounds) happen when someone puts their lips, tongue, jaw and other articulators in the wrong place to make a sound. A very common articulation error is lisping. There are lots of reasons why a person may have trouble making speech sounds accurately and we’re very good at tracking down the cause (if any), dealing with it and then helping you to fix any errors. Our therapists are trained in PROMPT, Cued Articulation and also use intra-oral aids designed to produce results in up to half the time.

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Delayed Language

When a child doesn’t develop language according to developmental norms (more or less), they have a language delay. We have the right training and record of success to make things better.

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Our combination of speech pathology and nutrition skills give us a unique insight into how infants and children develop their ability to eat solid foods. We also offer online therapy for picky eaters.

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Autism & Social Language

Our therapists are trained presenters of the Secret Agent Society Program, a program to help kids learn to manage social situations, make friends and become happy, valued members of society. He has many years of experience working to improve social skills and pragmatic language.

We also have many years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults with Autism and ASD. Our flexible, client focused therapy model means we achieve great results all the time

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Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing

A team approach is vital for the successful management of picky/problem eaters. There are many reasons why your child might be avoiding food and it’s our job to make sure the problem is correctly identified and addressed.

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Who do we help?

ChatBox provides in-home speech pathology services to 150+ suburbs in Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich.


There are a couple of things that make us so good at delayed language. Firstly, all our therapists are Hanen trained, a method with a strong evidence base. Secondly our service model is based around home visits. This means we have the experience and flexibility to show you what you need to do in the place you need to do it. We can also do this for Childcare/Kindy staff if your child is not at home all the time. Thirdly, our focus is on you and your child, this means we don’t try and turn you into someone else. You’re already a good parent, all we do is show you how to do some of the things you do a little differently. The end result is we get better results faster.

There is no hard and fast rule about when a child should start talking but lack of babbling by 1 year and no words by 18 months should be concerning. If you are in Brisbane and worried, wondering whether your child might need speech therapy, send us an email or give us a call, it’s free and we love answering questions. Please don’t take a wait and see approach. It’s wrong and has a very high chance of a negative outcome.

School Aged Children

We have extensive experience providing speech therapy in schools with children and their teachers. Literacy, social language and environmental strategies are key to success. Literacy is particularly important, whether it’s learning to read, or learning to read for understanding, nothing unlocks potential quite like reading. We’re also really great at giving your child the skills to navigate the sometimes social situations in schools. Again, because our service goes to your child’s school, we have an advantage in teaching the skills where they need to be used, and getting to talk to and support teachers.


We work with adults as well. Our home visits mean you don’t have to sit in a waiting room. We can help you swallow safely and enjoy your food like you always have. Our speech pathologists can provide swallowing assessments, dietary modification advice and meal-time plans for peace of mind.

We have the experience you need

ChatBox speech pathologists have many years of experience working with children and adults with autism in the Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich areas.

Lots of training, and empathy with our clients and their families makes us really good at supporting people to build on the strengths they have and make their world and the people in it work best for them.

Our speech pathologists work closely with schools and childcares in and around Brisbane to provide support where you need it. We also have much experience supporting respite centres and paid carers to provide the best service they can. ChatBox speech pathologists can assist parents to make respite stays smoother.

Our mobile service model means our speech therapists are always where you need us to be, all over Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich. We don’t believe in curing, or coping, we believe in better. Everyone has the capacity to improve their life by some degree, and we’ve helped lots of people and families achieve that.