Feedback & Complaints

  You have a right to complain about the supports you have received through our service. It’s ok to complain and we care about your feedback. When things go wrong, we want to learn from our mistakes and make our service better. How to make a complaint:
  • You can tell your complaint to your therapist
  • You can make a complaint anonymously
  • You can write a complaint or use a complaint form
People who support you can help you to complain. This means your family, friends or other people can complain for you. Only people who try to fix the problem will be told about your complaint. We will be honest and fair. We will try to fix the problem quickly. We will tell you what we did to try and address your complaint. When you make a complaint we will try to help you, be kind to you and tell you how long it will take.  

If you would like to request a feedback form, or if you want to just write an email with your feedback, you can email ChatBox by clicking the button below.